Mojmir Apartments

CALISPHEREJohn C. Gordon Photographic Collection > Mojmir Apartments

Mojmir Apartments, located at 470 South Third Street in San Jose, California, was designated a city landmark of special historical, architectural, cultural, aesthetic or engineering interest or value of a historic nature on December 4, 2007 (File no. HL07-166, Resolution no. 74147: The following is a summary based on the historical evaluation prepared by the firm Archives and Architecture and submitted to the City of San Jose. The 1922 Mojmir Apartment building “incorporates Renaissance Revival influences into its relatively formal exterior design. The apartment building represents, through its form and detailing, a fairly rare building type; one of a few multifamily apartment buildings constructed in the downtown area during the early part of the twentieth century. This stucco apartment building is a distinctive local example of the Renaissance Revival architectural style. It has both integral and applied features that provide formal symmetry and detailed complexity. The property maintains its historic integrity and continues, through the design strength of its original form, massing and detailing, to illustrate its associations with significant patterns of development of this neighborhood.” From: City of San Jose Memorandum, September 21, 2007. (accessed 7/19/11). See also the Staff Report to the Historic Landmarks Commission, which includes a map and a detailed report submitted by the California Department of Parks and Recreation (


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